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April 12th, 2012 by iveycircle

Bringing a Partner To London? You Need To Know About Ivey Circle!


The Ivey Circle is an organized group of individuals accompanying Ivey MBA students to London or supporting them at a distance. The members of The Ivey Circle include spouses, family members, fiancés, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, and friends of Ivey MBA students. A few of the members live in London throughout the program but some of them also live outside of London and use The Ivey Circle as a way to connect to life at Ivey.

The Ivey Circle organizes a variety of programs to accommodate the diverse relationships that make up our membership. Our members are also active participants in Ivey life and activities including: sporting events, travel, baking, sight-seeing, job hunting, dinner parties, fundraising events and Games nights.

Formerly known as “The Biz Wives” club and “Section V” – The Ivey Circle has evolved into a broader and larger social network providing unconditional support and friendship to its members beyond the intensive, 1-year MBA program at Ivey. New people and new ideas are always welcome to the Ivey Circle, therefore everyone and anyone is encouraged to join and to discover the benefits the Ivey Circle has to offer. We also have our own Ivey Circle Facebook Group, so come check us out!

Please feel free to contact us via email should you have any questions about the group. I look forward to getting to know you and your families!

Best regards,

Saumya  Malik
President, Ivey Circle