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LEADER Project

What is the LEADER Project?

LEADER is a student-driven overseas economic development program. It was founded in 1991 by Ivey MBA students and its mandate is to teach modern business skills to students and entrepreneurs in the newly developing economies of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Each year LEADER sends a team of Ivey students to a number of sites, where they teach foundational business decision making and entrepreneurial skills. Volunteer instructors include undergraduate, MBA, and PhD students. This rich exchange lasts 2-3 weeks and benefits the overseas students as well as volunteer instructors.

Entrepreneurial Focus

The LEADER Project focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to Eastern European business students. Currently, business fundamentals are taught during the day through an entrepreneurial focused curriculum, with individual consulting done in the afternoons. Involving students and business community leaders has allowed LEADER to remain relevant and to better meet the needs of the changing economic conditions within the countries where we operate. We look forward to hearing of more success from our participants in the future as they manage to turn their business venture dreams into a reality.


2015 Executive Team

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