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India Study Trip

Introduction and Goal

The India Study Trip is an exciting new offering within the Ivey curriculum. The trip will provide participants with a unique opportunity to visit one of the world’s fastest growing economies, analyze the reasons for India’s success, and understand the challenges associated with its tremendous growth.

The main goal of the trip is to gain an understanding for the challenges and opportunities of the Indian economic dynamism, including outsourcing, global multinational enterprises, and the increase in the number of wealthy individuals. Additionally participants will have the opportunity to learn about and develop an appreciation for Indian culture and the modern history of the country.

Throughout the trip, students will build relationships with senior executives from leading Indian firms, high-ranking government officials, academics, and Ivey alumni, at visits in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Additionally, a stop in Dubai is scheduled to understand the importance of Islamic banking.

Overall, the trip will provide students with an appreciation for the tremendous business opportunities in India as well as insight into the country’s rich history and culture.

Trip Activities:

The India Study Trip will include professional visits, political briefings and cultural activities. The collection of events will allow participants to have a holistic experience in order to gain an understanding of potential business opportunities for Canada in India.

Some of the scheduled activities include:

  • Corporate Visits
    • Plants: Murati-Suzuki, Medical Tourism Hospital
    • Corporate: Tata Group, Indian Regional Bank, Infosystems, Siemens, Honeywell, HCL Technologies
  • Political Briefings
    • Former Indian Minister of External Affairs
  • Cultural Sessions:
    • Sightseeing at various locations including Agra
    • Meal in the home of an Indian family
    • Visits to a local high school, village cooperative and charity

Cultural Preparation

Prior to the trip a series of cultural activities will be facilitated for the participants to prepare for what they will see and experience during the trip, including:

  • Bollywood night
  • Indian food potluck
  • Q&A panel with Indian classmates

Participants will also prepare for cultural differences by reading and reflecting on:

  • a work of fiction by a modern Indian author
  • a non-fiction book analyzing the current and future state of India
  • current reports from the Economic Intelligence Unit and Central Intelligence Agency

Following the trip participants will share their reflections of business practices and cultural experiences with each other and the Ivey community in the form of slideshows and blog entries.

Contact Information

India Study Trip Senators (2014)

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