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Marketing & Sales Club


The Marketing and Sales Club has a three-fold vision – to raise awareness and encourage dialogue amongst members on key marketing and sales trends, to provide resources and support that will equip members with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in marketing and sales-related fields post-MBA and to be a fun and active community of contributors – whether that be current MBA students, Industry professionals or Faculty.


The club is open to anyone interested in gaining additional insight or exploring a career in the marketing and sales disciplines –whether that be marketing strategy, brand management, trade marketing, customer management or advertising.

Key Activities

The club’s key activities include interview preparatory events such as the year-round Marketing and Sales Mock Interviews run by both students and Industry professionals and the traditional marketing and sales networking events – such as the 3x 5 dinners where students are paired up with seasoned marketers and sales managers to learn more about the industry and expand their networks over dinner. In addition, Speaker Events are arranged periodically to give members fresh insight on marketing and sales tools, tricks and even career tips by professionals, faculty and even student members who would like to share a thing or two about their own rich and diverse backgrounds. Finally, an online Marketing and Sales Club Newsletter is launched every month to make sure all these insights, exchanges and experiences are well preserved.

2015 Executive Team


Francine Sheremeta (
Syed Imtiaz (

VP External

Jon Douglas (

VP Internal

Mike Chou (